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Nature of nature

17 Aug

If only human relationship were as simply complex as nature across the world that we could have been little less complicated. Nature remains twirled in its own complex way, across the limits, beyond the boundaries, basic in three colors of green, brown and blue. It’s songs remain the plain old swirl of wind, it’s journey remain still with vast green grass lands, it’s morning and dawn remains loyal to the presence and departure of sun, it’s rythm is the talk between the leaves and it’s celebration remains in its existence itself. Nature so simply complicated and existing plain. We so jumbled and lost. If only our dreams were not just high like mountains but rigid like their stones…and our emotions were not so parched like ground but seamlessly fluid like flowing water…if we could keep our feet strong like brown soil beneath us…and if we knew how to keep our conversations as fresh as the breeze…if we could adopt the nature of nature that we could be simply complex in a basic way of life.



2 Aug

Doing it all over again, the walk the talk the coffee writing with a chalk
The laughter the wind the feelings in sync
The smile the people the leaves and petals
Doing it all over again with sky as our earth and stars as our charms
The clouds as our lines the lights as our dawn
Doing it again and again with time so little and time so much has passed by
The toes so energetic
The eyes so rise
Doing it once more this time with claps and contention
Cheers and joys
Doing it for us for all
Doing it to trace what has passed on the history the snapshots the pictures the moments
Reliving it again now and once more…

Burn the Kernel to keep ‘Beautiful’ Life Alive-

7 Oct

As the fragrance leaves the petals and pith of the flower to spread around, it smiles seeing part of it part away only to emerge with tears during the night tears as tiny dew drops appearing on its soft tender skin.  As the ‘pleasant’ wind blows away from its originating nub, making several faces smile with its brush on the skin and through hair, it does not realize that the core was left behind silent, vaccumed, away, alone.  As the water simmers in the bowl only to be dissolved with healthy green tea dried petals, it burns itself to steam and loses its purity emerging as a mixture of green herbs.  As the mountain ranges let ice melt with heat of sun rays, ice which they had held close to themselves for uncontrollable range of time – only to let it reach as purest fresh form of water – water which is simile to life.  As the sun burns its essence and let the ray part away from it forever – only to let the universe shine while it dissolves itself slowly and gradually.  As the paint leaves the brush strands to let itself drain as a beautiful picture – only to dry on unknown sheet of canvas for pleasure of its onlookers.  As the wood let itself to be cut and carved – to be shaped and beautified.  As the chalk marks let themselves dust away from the board only for new words to be written and explained.  As the trees let their darling green leaves dry and shed only to let new season arrive.  As the pages of the book let themselves flip and pressed beneath weight of new pages – just so that learning continues.  As the walls of home let themselves be scratched and scalped recklessly only to be painted with fresh paint. As the waves leave ocean and hit the bay only to keep it replenished.  As the music nodes leave the guitar strings – shaking only to spread the pleasure of music around.   As the tears rolling down the eyes leave them all the more lonely only to give heart a moment of relaxation.  As the blood rushes through veins making heart pump louder and harder – only to sustain life.  As all these observations are made and typed – I learn that most beautiful aspects of life demand – yes not ask or require but DEMAND effort, endless effort, tireless hard work, unrecognizable focus, never ending energy and a never failing feeling of burning its kernel to sustain the beauty and amazement alive.  Keep life alive.

‘me being you and you being US’

18 Aug

They won’t let me be your baby, they wont let me get the warmth, they will make me suffer in cold, no matter how much I need your arms.
They won’t listen to the truth of my love for you, they won’t let me cherish the hug, they won’t let me dream about you, they will get envy, they will judge.
Judge me on my conduct but not on my feelings – they will. Love me for my truth, love for the genuine togetherness- you will.
My creativity gets enhanced by your thoughts, my thoughts fragrance with your smiles, my smiles emerge with your voice, your voice it is that makes us bind.
Bind together in this never earlier existing pearl, composing us with petals and rays, droplets of my purity for you, shine like crystals, shine with sun rays.
Mountains so high that I have climbed, range that did not make me wear out, trees that have been my shelter, leaves that have vouched, Vouched for my belongingness to you, pledge for existence of this love, respect for this heart connect, truth of me being you and you being US.

‘Pull me close and please stay’

17 Aug

And it felt like heaven to be beside you
Felt like never earlier felt love
The fragrance, the touch, the love and it all
The warmth, the gestures, the belongingness and the pause
The heat, the smile, the touch of your fingers in mine
The feelings linger on
Yes it felt like heaven and I cherished it all
The twinkle in your eye upon our first exchange of the day
The excitement in the heart to sit close to you and stay
Stay in your vicinity, in your warmth and your arms
Feel your strength in your hold and your laughs
Feel your touch in the connect of our heart
The feel of us, I want to feel it all again…again yet again pull me close and please stay…