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Change of my shoe ‘soul’-

5 Aug

My walk has been slow cautious and comparatively skillful today. I have been walking on my toes in these heels. This morning as I approached towards my car to drive myself to work- I took more time not only to reach the vehicle but also to shift my feet between clutch and break. I have been suitably aware that I am cautious. I was wearing flat sole shoes yesterday, I ran towards the car- drove it with a zoom. Yesterday allowed me to be aggressive in my walk and I literally ran up the stairs to reach my desk.
Today- I changed my shoe, changed the height of my sole or should I say ‘soul’, stood taller but all I could actually remember was that I need to be more responsible with my moves- I need to be cautious that tic tac toe of my heels do not make a noise disturbing peaceful walk of other’s around me- I had to be aware that I maintain right distance between my footsteps. Aggression and run accommodated with the heights of these heels might make me fall halting my journey for long, affecting my goals. As and when I raise my height- there comes a risen responsibility, awareness, cautiousness, need for stable moves, pacified aggression, calm steps, maintained footsteps, less noise, expanded view and spectrum-all with a tall affirmative walk.
My toes pain, my heel burns ankles, my knees gruel, my legs shake but I adore the height my heels provide- I adore the raised demands it asks me for!
Tomorrow I wear another set of footwear- I am hoping I walk in heels again tomorrow- that is with affirmation!



28 Jul

Corners of the house display the parameters of it. The less visited corners stand to define the most visited centre. The ignored corners peacefully hold the walls strong. What else do they hold? Dirt, dust, cob-webs and heat. They mark the shape of the room, the limits of belongingness, the essence of home. They don’t get guests, they are not familiar with sections of jubilations, they do not get much decorated but yes they are spots for bad occasions, they are relevant to punishment face of a child, they are known to tears of an ailing heart. Corners are staunchly able-bodied. They know their demands. They stand on base of compulsions that build them. They are the protectors, defining structures, providing unrelenting service to a centre which would have been non-existent if not for a corners presence.
Corners form the centre while standing without their own formation being noticed. To me corners are like Parents making their child the centre. A ‘corner’ supporting the other corner to brighten the ‘centre’ child.