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Continuos quest for Human interaction-

26 Jul

Quest for human experience begins when reasons for making natural-gradual human interaction dissolve. As the geographical location changes, there hangs a differently drawn picture of humans. You know none of your own race, you feel alone, you want to display a stronger portrait of yourself, you get defensive, you take a step back and you create a shell. This shell then bounds you to expose yourself only to ultimate necessary human interaction which you require for survival. That is when you realize how much that tea vendor means to you, how much does the guard who looks for your ID card as you punch in the premises makes a difference, how very much do you like the simple ‘hello’ of housekeeping woman, how much do you appreciate the effort put in by pantry boy to keep it clean, how much does the parking man makes a difference. They then become your reasons of human interaction, your daily survival dose, the only interaction that reminds your beating heart about you still being a human and not a robot who clocks in at the work place, logs on to the machine to work like a machine and then switch it off to drive the robotic body back home.
They remind there are smiles of unknown who apparently become more known than your co-workers. They are the originals who give the human touch to your robotically changing geographical location. They are the interactions you look forward to as you punch in your card the next day. They are the significant experiences which pursue you to believe that when geographical changes revolve, some human interactions packed in your survival kit stay alive, to keep you alive instantly just like a first aid kit. They define the immediate synergy of the change.


Perfection a perception

2 Jun

Everything seemed so perfect but only until now
Perfection was changing its definition but only until now
Tears were a history and rejection but only until now
Relations were beauty and pleasure but only until now
Life was hearty and hale but only until now
Black was as shiny as gold but only until now
Warmth was warm no heat but only until now
Broken was removed from my book but only until now
Oneness was ONE and ONE but only until now
Differences were gone and none but only until now
Breaths for life were fun but only until now
Togetherness was for you and for me but only until now
Love was bound by our hands but only until now
And perfection was always a perception- it was then and it is now…

scale of annihilation

27 Dec

Our species are rare that is what I always knew but there is further rarity within our species? That saddens me. People like us are standing at the scale of annihilation there too at extreme numbers, lowest of low. We stand tall with all understanding of art,culture, emotions, respect, relations, words but our heights of being tall are different. We can’t level our eye glaze because cloud of our thoughts come in different blues…It makes me dubious that do we have the strength to respect each other’s differences entire life and get along because what we really want from each other is the beauty of our souls or is it that we too will start breathing like the more common species of larger mass- getting into the arguments, fights and remorse. In all it saddens me- to be or not to be?

alone left with an ‘I’

11 Dec

Guilty of refining myself. Of being crude with my soul to keep looking for corners requiring smoothening. Treatment of my soul for fine scents and silent – little more silent steps. Guilty of being harsh with my thoughts, unbearable to my tears and refused to hear to my cries. I have done unjust to my emotions, been crude to my heart. I have wronged myself in all this right! Mu screams screamed so loud that they went mute at the end of it all. Thought Wind ran so fast that it lost its notice. Amongst these vibrant colors, I stand with opaque water in my eyes. Counting the uncountable breath, deep yet shallow in its meaning. Reflection of my world falls on the sky, against the gravity- high it flies and merge with boundary less limits of blue world- the blue sky. My weakness is my biggest strength, my silence is my loudest voice, my tears are the most dried emotions, my warmth is coldest experience for me and my vision is most blindly bound. I- stand alone post this refinement. Much smooth, shining, bright, soft BUT alone left with an ‘I’.

Water and salt for taste

27 Sep

‘Water can dissolve salt because the positive part of water molecules attracts the negative chloride ions and the negative part of water molecules attracts the positive sodium ions.’

Have you ever noticed water gulping on that pinch of salt within itself? Only to ‘taste’ that it is still alive.

Further scientist explains –
‘As salt is mixed into water, the charged water molecules break apart the charged salt molecules which are combined in a weaker ionic bond.’

Yes it’s the weaker emotional bond that pulls our strands apart. All this with ease and smooth transition.

Remember the taste of salty water though? It makes it’s presence felt the moment you sip it. Just the way emotions function, they bring charged bonds with their presence- positive and negative both.
As the crystals of salt dissolve in water, it swirls, release bubbles, turn smoky white and define its line stronger on a clear tall glass. Fine line around the rim of the crystal glass – one that is visible after pouring out the salty water away from the glass. Thin line, sitting there still on the upper rim of the glass. A line that water without salt will not possess to leave. Water with components of noise, energy, power, flow, ceaseless, shapeless, frameless water. Shape of which is defined by the crystal glass. Salt with attributes of strength in its pungent smell, small but of shape, crystal shape, shiny tiny pieces of salt writing their story on the rim for themselves.
Salty emotions leave a feeble appearance but stronger fringes on glass rim which water without salt cant do for itself. Making watery shapeless life emotionally salty but just a pinch – salt dissolving in water but that is where it belongs. It is weaker for a reason and for its purpose. Water and salt for each other for life to possess a taste.

Secrets of Blue world – revealed

2 Sep

Welcome to my blue world.  Its decorated with bright blue lights making light blue sheets of emotions shine.  I snug with these light blue sheets, underneath me and covering me.  They give me warmth and cozy feeling.  The sky blue color chandelier you can listen to – it sings the harmony of my nerves.  It is lightened with the smile and sparkle of my eyes.  Its corner placement in the room does not make it secluded but attracts you to notice it!.  Light blue color flowers with tint of white that you see sitting pretty on the sea blue window frame, they spread the fragrance of this world around.  Freely flowing sea blue color curtains of net kissing the hazy mirror are the veils of this blue world of mine.  They give little hint to anyone about this world.  They hold it free and tight.  Several spontaneously spread cushions of all shades of blue that you adore are the bricks of my thoughts.  That is where my comfort come from and that is why you see such enormous presence of them.  They are soft and tender.  Both on their covers and with their cotton wool stuffing.  Several blue color hearts decorating the wall are the relationships I carry close, they come in all shapes, sizes, forms and shades however all shades of blue and just blue.  Dark blue rag which feels my first step of the morning and last touch on earth at night is the base that sets rhythm of my day.  The day on which it is dusty, my feet get bruised with dirt and there goes my day from blue to red.  That day I get dragged out of this blue world until my bruise stops bleeding and in process of healing turns to navy blue…color of my veins.  Open the doors of my closet, all the gifts in there are the emotions I received back.  I kept their glint intact, clean and secure even from my blue world – separate yet part of the blue world.  That is how precious they are for me.  Don’t try looking at the mirror, I know its curvy petal, rusty blue color frame appeals you making it hard fought to resist but you will be disappointed to gaze at the mirror. All you will see is reflection of deep blue ocean and not yourself.  There is no place for life reflections in this world.  All it highlights is the world around, not you not me.  Well, that is the glory as well of this blue world of mine.  It keeps you comfortable with yourself, all you see is the reflection of the world.  You realize world is bigger than you.  That it is not about you but around you, of you, for you, by you but not you!    Yes – even the cutlery of blue world comes in shades of blue.  I offer you blue curaçao drink in crystal blue wine glass.  Enjoy the minty blue rains while sipping away your drink.  Drink composed of juices of my silent whispers and messages for you.  And while you relax taking journey of my blue world, I offer you steamy soothing blue jacuzzi of my love and warmth.  Take a dip in it and relax.  Stay in the blue world, the journey is divine and fresh – I suppose.

I offer you peace and space in shades of blue.

Talks not required

7 Aug

And who says talks always endure? Some just make it more blurred and arduous. They make it adulterated and perplexed. For certain inferences only the heart and just the heart should carry the dialogue. Brain transforms it to rational approach, very scientific and fake. It makes it like one of those research projects, so boring and meant for the public! Reference of soul, essence of feelings, respect for love, platform for beings, wiring of minds all get burnt and charred. Unspoken feelings seem much delightful than explained and weighted discussions. Eye talks are much gorgeous than articulated speech exchange! Genuine smiles are heard aloud than generated laughter. Even a sapling need generous light and delicate care. If the sun will shine too bright and harsh, flowers won’t blossom but get charred just like the beings. Let the sun light dilute – pouring through drizzle, through drops of morning mist. Let the flowers blossom with never dying fragrance in delicate petals. Let the colors throw themselves around. Let it be a heart talk and not that of speech.