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Nature of nature

17 Aug

If only human relationship were as simply complex as nature across the world that we could have been little less complicated. Nature remains twirled in its own complex way, across the limits, beyond the boundaries, basic in three colors of green, brown and blue. It’s songs remain the plain old swirl of wind, it’s journey remain still with vast green grass lands, it’s morning and dawn remains loyal to the presence and departure of sun, it’s rythm is the talk between the leaves and it’s celebration remains in its existence itself. Nature so simply complicated and existing plain. We so jumbled and lost. If only our dreams were not just high like mountains but rigid like their stones…and our emotions were not so parched like ground but seamlessly fluid like flowing water…if we could keep our feet strong like brown soil beneath us…and if we knew how to keep our conversations as fresh as the breeze…if we could adopt the nature of nature that we could be simply complex in a basic way of life.


Uglier beautiful mankind

31 Jul

How much intellectually illiterate and how much jubilant about that
How much culturally shamed and how much glorified
How much colorfully blank and how happy
How much uglier with lack of emotions and how beautifully satisfied
How much deprived of facts and how unaware about it
How much unruly in behavior and how much pride around it
How insensitive about being sensitive
How dry with flood of emotions
How much aggressive about being loud
How much thoughtful about being a big crowd
How much irresponsible with mountain full of power
How much blind with light so dark
How much ashamed of values of life
How much ignorant of valleys, flowers and it’s kinds
How much impatient of showing some patience some care
How much in race of journey that requires stand still some glare
How much blank for pages full of writing
How much shut to conversation full of sightings
How much aware of information not important at all
How much unaware of when nature takes a toll
How much short in front of dwarfed self esteem
How much a ruler of rules even when just a merge thief
How much unorganized, dissatisfied, discourteous, disoriented and disgraced
How much not so thankful, not so acknowledging, not so much for actual fun and flare
How much ruthless about being mankind
How much an animal in race of human and then survive

Woman discovering Woman

25 Aug

As I march towards womanhood I see myself getting astonished by myself. All the answers that I received as a response from Maa or GrandMaa now fall in the frame perfect. I know now why they could never explain it to me that how did they manage ‘so much’ independently? I do realise and absorb the answer now- ‘it happens with time’ but along with that what I also realise is that as a Woman I am differently wired. We are wired to get a new life to the world, it gets as basic as that. When a woman carries the child,develops him, nurtures him, bring him to life and existence further nourish him-she invents a new life! She is built to do it. It comes from her core and it comes very plain to her. She gets this direction from her instinct to nurture, care, be warm, spread love and above all – think!
She thinks about all life breathing around her. About how to improve and regenerate, make it a better place to ponder around, invent, all this in a continuous monologue.
It’s as straight as how Men know if the car has broken down, is it the wheel or the carburetor or is it the shoe brake well who knows maybe clutch wire? Each time they are the doctors of their vehicle, someway or the other they know the reason of break down. Their peace is at knowing what is wrong and fixing it.

A woman’s solace is in nurturing, caring, spreading warmth and inventing.

They ask me what would I be doing if I was not thinking of them or taking care of them at the moment? They ask me with a thought process that am I diminishing my interests, dissolving my personality and zeroing out my existence while ‘dedicating’ myself?

My answer begins with a question-
Why do I need to leave something to do another thing? That is, what makes it project that if I am doing an ‘extra bit’, I have ‘compromised’ on myself to achieve that?
Answer to your question is the age old answer- ‘it happens with time’.
I am wired to do more than what seems realistic but IS realistic. I have been bestowed with courage and strength to shoulder it what you label as ‘extra bit’. I perform those bits parallel and no – in the process I am not ‘dedicating’ myself! I am just being plain sincere as a human.

What astonishes you now and astonished me as a child is invention of nature. It knew a woman is to nurture and hence is to be developed differently yet not exceptionally.
To me it’s recognition of skills we possess as a man and a woman. It’s balance of nature, balance of abilities, balance of existence.

What I do and appears ‘extra bit’ to you is what I am wired for. What stops my continuous phase of invention is not addition of the care and responsibility for you but demolition of my wiring which announces for taking care of you.

I am in existence to discover

Sparkling ray of sun

4 Feb

In all the ugliness that I carry and still all the beauty that you see
In all the tears that I shred and still love that you instill
In all the calm that I lose and still you sit back and smile
In all the shambles that I create and your gestures remain Devine
In all the colors that I miss and you paint a rainbow
In all the laughter that I skip and you yet take it slow
In all the touches that I miss and you still manage to touch me deep
In all the words that I type and for you just your eyes speak
In all the romance that I demand and all the passion that you throw
In all the beautiful roses and thorns but roses are all you toss
In all the chill of the rain that you manage to create a life
In all sparkling sun rays of sun, you are my most sparkling ray please stay mine

Nature has it all evenly matched-

25 Dec

While walking towards home today, I noticed footprint in dust. Footprint of a bare foot which seemed to be of a child by virtue of its size and tiny finger engraves. Right adjacent to bare foot imprint was embossed a print of a dog, followed by print of what looked like to be a stiletto. Stiletto sitting pretty, close to print of a Man’s leather shoe. Wrapping the print of stiletto in its huge print, protecting from all other prints. While observing those, a birdie sat in mid of the prints, quickly flying off – running away from gaze of my shadow falling on the prints, birdie and soil. There then came a trail of ants – passing through the globe of prints running towards their homes. Some more prints of birdie and ants added now to the small engravings of several prints. In simple colors of brown, dark brown and grey – these prints form their own Globe. They bring the world of all breeds together. They dispose the differences of species, race, gender, youth, aged, animals, insects, souls, kinds, shapes…For nature it’s all the same- it will reflect back the image one forces down upon it. For it the platform to be attended to is same. For nature there is no several range of channels defined for any differences- it’s all about a living being and the breath associated. For nature – you and I are I and you. Nature knows it best to be faithful to the soul and beatings of heart. Nature has it all evenly matched.

GOLD sprinkled in the sky

17 Dec

GOLD sprinkled in the sky, just like several dreams of eyes- eyes trying to stay shut for little more sleep, little more rest, little more peace. With turn from one side of the bed to the other- shelled in warmth of vast blue blanket- royal blue in color. Limitless blanket of peace – one most sought for in white fog of hazy winters. Fog and blanket contrasting each other just like tears and smiles of life. A smile causing the tear to trickle and a shower of tears bursting into a smile. So distinct getting along so well. Tricks of haze to cause tragedies falsified by pour of sun rays through strainer of true love. Gold pouring in – blessing the half sleepy eyes and forehead, running soft fingers through delicate hair strands- encouraging for deserve of little more sleep,little more time for imagination of little more dreams, little more thoughts to build tomorrow- naked smiles of innocent weave of sharp castles spread across boundary less arenas of life. Let me sleep little more, few more moments with the castles as they become my tomorrow…

Romance between technology and nature –

27 Aug

It’s one of those perfect couples which cannot stop arguing with each other yet cannot be without each other.
They complete each other, compliment each other. One so delicate in appearance yet ferocious in its core, other so logical in the core and robust on the skin.
A temperamental, fast, furious, fiery self of technology and advancement well compliments the silent, soothing, slow and ancient self of nature.
Racy, supersonic, ticking gestures of one are balanced by steady, calm and patient gestures of the other.
They attempt to conquer each other in search of peace of inner self and self proclamation of their personalities to the onlookers. They entertain, submerge, attract, call for attention towards themselves, competing like wilds of jungles.
My truth is that existence of just one and vanishing act of the other will draw focus beyond the limits on just one and only one. Consequence? Onlookers will be bored, lose interest and withdraw from the show. Excitement of their existence is not in what they possess as their selfs but what they can and do offer as a couple. For onlookers, it is not their individual characteristic but their chemistry together that draws the attention, that keeps the act on. This keeps the excitement unscathed, fuming out in bits and pieces – little part always covered in a veil for that which is yet to be explored, invented and sought for. That is the romance of technology with nature and that is what all enshrine.