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Nature of nature

17 Aug

If only human relationship were as simply complex as nature across the world that we could have been little less complicated. Nature remains twirled in its own complex way, across the limits, beyond the boundaries, basic in three colors of green, brown and blue. It’s songs remain the plain old swirl of wind, it’s journey remain still with vast green grass lands, it’s morning and dawn remains loyal to the presence and departure of sun, it’s rythm is the talk between the leaves and it’s celebration remains in its existence itself. Nature so simply complicated and existing plain. We so jumbled and lost. If only our dreams were not just high like mountains but rigid like their stones…and our emotions were not so parched like ground but seamlessly fluid like flowing water…if we could keep our feet strong like brown soil beneath us…and if we knew how to keep our conversations as fresh as the breeze…if we could adopt the nature of nature that we could be simply complex in a basic way of life.


Continuos quest for Human interaction-

26 Jul

Quest for human experience begins when reasons for making natural-gradual human interaction dissolve. As the geographical location changes, there hangs a differently drawn picture of humans. You know none of your own race, you feel alone, you want to display a stronger portrait of yourself, you get defensive, you take a step back and you create a shell. This shell then bounds you to expose yourself only to ultimate necessary human interaction which you require for survival. That is when you realize how much that tea vendor means to you, how much does the guard who looks for your ID card as you punch in the premises makes a difference, how very much do you like the simple ‘hello’ of housekeeping woman, how much do you appreciate the effort put in by pantry boy to keep it clean, how much does the parking man makes a difference. They then become your reasons of human interaction, your daily survival dose, the only interaction that reminds your beating heart about you still being a human and not a robot who clocks in at the work place, logs on to the machine to work like a machine and then switch it off to drive the robotic body back home.
They remind there are smiles of unknown who apparently become more known than your co-workers. They are the originals who give the human touch to your robotically changing geographical location. They are the interactions you look forward to as you punch in your card the next day. They are the significant experiences which pursue you to believe that when geographical changes revolve, some human interactions packed in your survival kit stay alive, to keep you alive instantly just like a first aid kit. They define the immediate synergy of the change.

A ‘We’ state without an ‘I’?

30 Aug

Each time I go loving myself, I see the world giving me all the attention. On the contrary, each time I devote myself to a human or a humanly crafted relationship, they puke back all the dose of attention they got from me back on my face and some stuffed inside my mouth, forced down the throat and made to be digested. It’s a confusing state I am put into every now and then. I go dedicating myself, keeping them first, pushing all the priorities aside and they go kicking me back, yell and screams, fights and threats. Time of simplicity and rational thinking has diluted away. We like complicated situations and if one does not exist we put in all the energy to create a fresh one out of the oven and then complaint about oven being too hot to handle as well. The trend is that pure blue sky of nature won’t make connect, what does is the artificially created fireworks with the same nature’s created blue sky offering just as a background. We live in an artificial world where we adore artificially created magic or deceived images. We adore the wonders we make by ourselves, we ignite the perceptions we build and treat them as discoveries. We no more believe in gratitude but followers. We do not believe in believing in ourselves but seeking approvals. We do not look for love within us but from the ones around. Our world becomes them, our thoughts originate for them by them of them. We have lost the context of ‘I’ creating the ‘We’ because all we perceive it to be is ‘We’ is them and stays far away from ‘I’. Well that makes ‘We’ a ‘You’ as that is what it is without an ‘I’. I want to be in continuous process of being an ‘I’ than an attempt to be ‘We’ because that has somehow generated lot of unexpected respectful and enjoyable ‘We’ so far as compared to a focussed attempted ‘We’ which has just given it back to me in the face.