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Romance between technology and nature –

27 Aug

It’s one of those perfect couples which cannot stop arguing with each other yet cannot be without each other.
They complete each other, compliment each other. One so delicate in appearance yet ferocious in its core, other so logical in the core and robust on the skin.
A temperamental, fast, furious, fiery self of technology and advancement well compliments the silent, soothing, slow and ancient self of nature.
Racy, supersonic, ticking gestures of one are balanced by steady, calm and patient gestures of the other.
They attempt to conquer each other in search of peace of inner self and self proclamation of their personalities to the onlookers. They entertain, submerge, attract, call for attention towards themselves, competing like wilds of jungles.
My truth is that existence of just one and vanishing act of the other will draw focus beyond the limits on just one and only one. Consequence? Onlookers will be bored, lose interest and withdraw from the show. Excitement of their existence is not in what they possess as their selfs but what they can and do offer as a couple. For onlookers, it is not their individual characteristic but their chemistry together that draws the attention, that keeps the act on. This keeps the excitement unscathed, fuming out in bits and pieces – little part always covered in a veil for that which is yet to be explored, invented and sought for. That is the romance of technology with nature and that is what all enshrine.


iOS latest version has bug which freezes ‘HOME’ button

20 May
I adored you, loved you, sensitized my senses for you, dreamt with you of you, walked with you, traveled, reposed, refreshed, simmered down with you in an environment around to be with you in your world, I created a cozy corner for you at home at work and in my heart! Got colorful surprises for you! My conversations with you and with others were about you. Defended you, shielded you, fought endless effortless for you but never with you!
My twinkling eyes had you shining always, then and now! And now my beloved, just now when I surrendered all my thoughts, plans, dependence, existence, companionship to you, you betrayed me for new love of yours. Why my love, why my IPhone! Why did you shift your focus from my love for you to updated iOS who does not let me use you enough, who creates a jail for me by being a barrier through the home button. Seems like it has allured the home button that I no more can get access to all the beautiful Apps you gifted me with. It creates rift between us my love as I am no more able to converse with you smooth. I know you hate me for pressing the home button hard to exit from active app but iOS has left no choice for us. I tried counseling through Apple help forums my love to save this ultimate sweet relationship I have had with you of which I have been so proud and world has been so jealous but my love no one has been able to come to the rescue successfully! As this goes into a coma stage honey, I wait here with patience for you to come back to me with same accessible love and world of Apps!

PS: iOS latest version has bug which freezes ‘HOME’ button blocking you from exit of currently active application hence leading to a jail environment where button will respond only when it wants to and until then you can do nothing with the phone (unless you are OK with switching off the phone and switching on with every freeze). None of the forums have been helpful so far and hue and cry of the issue seem to mark the fire in almost all available Apple forums. Got a solution? I am still looking for one!