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2 Aug

Doing it all over again, the walk the talk the coffee writing with a chalk
The laughter the wind the feelings in sync
The smile the people the leaves and petals
Doing it all over again with sky as our earth and stars as our charms
The clouds as our lines the lights as our dawn
Doing it again and again with time so little and time so much has passed by
The toes so energetic
The eyes so rise
Doing it once more this time with claps and contention
Cheers and joys
Doing it for us for all
Doing it to trace what has passed on the history the snapshots the pictures the moments
Reliving it again now and once more…


Nature connects of hearts

25 Jul

Some human connections are inbuilt like one of those hidden feelings which were always present but absent in conscience. Such always springing up heart connects are not defined by names to relationships to which they belong. Their beauty is of them being anonymous yet very much in existence. Their power is the beautiful essence they bare between the souls they exist amidst. Such relations thrive on language of understanding which is wired by immense deepened red hot connections of heart. Ofcourse there exists pure love of thoughts and strength. It’s divine love of togetherness not bound by space or time. It’s like that unfolded gift that was packed all this while in fancy covers and just revealed to spread the aroma infinitely. These relations are like nature – they have always been there only to be invented early or late by human kinds. Proud to be part and witness of one such connect.
My Mentor Mona – I love you!