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You abstained me from your visibility-

25 May

One year post you cease to exist, I have no feelings, no pain, no tears, no cries, no sadness around. A person who thrives on emotions and well quite a lot of them goes so numb? Seems like I am still in a dilemma if you are actually no longer around! Last year this day while I was crying, was sad deep inside because it was time for me to take a flight back from Chicago to My homeland, time to be back home and sad because it was time for me to bid g’bye to the extended family I made with my hotel stay at US, you were saying g’bye to my immediate family here back home. Me so unaware, so hidden, so away, so in dark. For me as the flight landed on 27th May I did not touch the ground but I got dumped in a hollow. It’s like a black hole so dark yet not black but grey. You lived a very silent life and you vanished silently. For me your existence then and now is silence. Sorry I could not make it on 25th May my Granny when you so much wanted me to be around to witness the last smile on your face. I never knew you were surrendering to God of Non-existence. You were so strong my Granny that your approaching age was shadowed by your will and strength to live-making me scorned that it’s time for you to go away. For me you abstained your visibility.

Lost my Granny on May 25th 2011 while I was out of my homeland. I was exposed to this loss only on my arrival back on May 27th 2011.