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Nature of nature

17 Aug

If only human relationship were as simply complex as nature across the world that we could have been little less complicated. Nature remains twirled in its own complex way, across the limits, beyond the boundaries, basic in three colors of green, brown and blue. It’s songs remain the plain old swirl of wind, it’s journey remain still with vast green grass lands, it’s morning and dawn remains loyal to the presence and departure of sun, it’s rythm is the talk between the leaves and it’s celebration remains in its existence itself. Nature so simply complicated and existing plain. We so jumbled and lost. If only our dreams were not just high like mountains but rigid like their stones…and our emotions were not so parched like ground but seamlessly fluid like flowing water…if we could keep our feet strong like brown soil beneath us…and if we knew how to keep our conversations as fresh as the breeze…if we could adopt the nature of nature that we could be simply complex in a basic way of life.


Nature has it all evenly matched-

25 Dec

While walking towards home today, I noticed footprint in dust. Footprint of a bare foot which seemed to be of a child by virtue of its size and tiny finger engraves. Right adjacent to bare foot imprint was embossed a print of a dog, followed by print of what looked like to be a stiletto. Stiletto sitting pretty, close to print of a Man’s leather shoe. Wrapping the print of stiletto in its huge print, protecting from all other prints. While observing those, a birdie sat in mid of the prints, quickly flying off – running away from gaze of my shadow falling on the prints, birdie and soil. There then came a trail of ants – passing through the globe of prints running towards their homes. Some more prints of birdie and ants added now to the small engravings of several prints. In simple colors of brown, dark brown and grey – these prints form their own Globe. They bring the world of all breeds together. They dispose the differences of species, race, gender, youth, aged, animals, insects, souls, kinds, shapes…For nature it’s all the same- it will reflect back the image one forces down upon it. For it the platform to be attended to is same. For nature there is no several range of channels defined for any differences- it’s all about a living being and the breath associated. For nature – you and I are I and you. Nature knows it best to be faithful to the soul and beatings of heart. Nature has it all evenly matched.