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2 Aug

Doing it all over again, the walk the talk the coffee writing with a chalk
The laughter the wind the feelings in sync
The smile the people the leaves and petals
Doing it all over again with sky as our earth and stars as our charms
The clouds as our lines the lights as our dawn
Doing it again and again with time so little and time so much has passed by
The toes so energetic
The eyes so rise
Doing it once more this time with claps and contention
Cheers and joys
Doing it for us for all
Doing it to trace what has passed on the history the snapshots the pictures the moments
Reliving it again now and once more…


Why I need my coffee?

16 Sep

I put on my invisible thought like ear phones- symphony playing in the background. I get up from the desk, check for my clutch and phone. I take giant leaps in my wedge heels, people turn heads as I walk tall and fast. I pass some groups chatting, some colleagues grinding deep through daily target files, over hear some conversations of resolutions to customer queries but I am too fast to hear it all for real. As I step out and gaze through the glass door of the building, approaching the staircase with some familiar faces passing by – we exchange day ‘Hellos’ and I walk by the gallery. I step out of the building in open arena- some couples sitting arguing, explaining. Friends taking a stroll, colleagues discussing daily issues- a very busy life I see around. Tall towers illuminated by brilliance of light and I come walking fast turning heads again with my giant leaps. I get the fresh air of the day as I get closer to the coffee shop. I walk in, greeting the gate keeper. He smiles, people at the counter smile. All smile because I am regular at the coffee shop. They translate through their smiles that they like the energy I bring along. They like the little talks I hold with them, that I build a connect and be more than just a daily coffee consumer of their outlet. They know my order and confirm it for me. I talk all but my order with them because by now they have by hearted it. It’s my frequency of visit or their sharp memories?
I get best of the coffee made for me, two brown sugar sachets and I walk back with first sip of divine drips -exactly as I open the door of the shop to exit. I walk back, striding with more energy and throb. I see new people, over hear talks, get perspective, glare at the sky covering me high high up. I pass by some laughters, few smiles, some chats, fights, quarrels, arguments. I pass by lot of people. They see me walking alone while my cup of coffee accompanies me, witnessing all thatI witnessed. Witnessing me being a witness. My coffee is my companion- it smiles at me when I smile listening to a conversation. It gives me a warming strong hold in my hand. It’s gives me the heat I need in cold and it stays with me for hours to come as I sip each little drop gradually throughout the day. It is with me when I go out for walks alone- terrified and frustrated with phases of life. It gives me the liquidity I need when I push down my thoughts on these notes. My coffee becomes my silent admirer remaining just as much warm as I need it to be. It gives me the sweetness I sustain and gulps down the bitterness that runs like toxin in my blood. My coffee is my silent observer, making me visit the world alone for them but together for ourself.