You cant cherish them together- Comfort and Learnings

4 Aug

It all looks so beautiful on FacebookPretty faces

charming dresses

amazing shoes

bling watches and jewelry

smiling faces

a couple all in love

fun frolic and moments of a foreign land

…and then there are thoughts – “Wow They are living time of their life, wish we could be like them”

What it does not show is the struggle because you don’t want to capture it and get a whining sound around

No you don’t want to put that on Facebook because that will not hit ‘likes’

What it does not show is the loneliness you end up with because you see all those people you were with just few days back – still together and you sit here by the side of your room’s window sipping your cup of black coffee thanking the fortune to be able to sip a cup of Davidoff everyday

No it also does not show the fight over your own thoughts which make your inner self ask everyday “Did I do it right by leaving all of it behind?”

Then you pick up Pinterest motivational quotes,you watch some inspirational talks on TED and you force to thank yourself for what you have because it’s way much better than what others landed with. That to my knowledge is a ridiculous way to look at life.
What one needs to be reminded of is that each moment you uproot yourself from your comfort zone you end up in a pile of struggle to discover your new puzzle of knowledge

You cannot cherish both together -comfort zone and learning that is…

They don’t go hand in hand

Facebook reflects the uncomfortable times as beautiful times because you don’t put your “Mom I cried again today” teary eyed pictures up on Facebook

You don’t want them to appear on your “On this day last year” app down the lane

Quest for more Knowledge and Fresh Learnings ask for you to ponder the streets unknown- squeeze all abilities of you-question your self worth- demand you to prove you are capable- get you to sign the storming document that you will not wander over your comfort zone ever again…

Its a new establishment and you start fresh irrespective of how much you have acclaimed or expertise so far

A race for Top 10 has to begin from ZERO and its duration remains endless

Go and run the new streets with unknown bumps

With Love


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