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Sparkling ray of sun

4 Feb

In all the ugliness that I carry and still all the beauty that you see
In all the tears that I shred and still love that you instill
In all the calm that I lose and still you sit back and smile
In all the shambles that I create and your gestures remain Devine
In all the colors that I miss and you paint a rainbow
In all the laughter that I skip and you yet take it slow
In all the touches that I miss and you still manage to touch me deep
In all the words that I type and for you just your eyes speak
In all the romance that I demand and all the passion that you throw
In all the beautiful roses and thorns but roses are all you toss
In all the chill of the rain that you manage to create a life
In all sparkling sun rays of sun, you are my most sparkling ray please stay mine