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We Are Rising Above It All…

28 Jan

From Love To Love
Compassion To Trust
Faith To Fate
Smile On Your Face
Strength To Fear
Near And Far
Love, You Know
My Feelings Are At Par
Trust To Trust
Trust In Me
Trust In My Strength
Trust What You See
Fragnance To Spread
With Care You Drench
Wet And Glow
My Love, You Glow
Glow With Fresh
Fresh Feeling Of Togetherness
Touch To Touch
Thought To Thought
My Eyes To Your Eyes
My Ear To Your Ear
My Fantasies To Your Fantasies
My Dear I Am Near
Near To Your Heart
Near To The Soul
Close To Your Hearbeats
Closest Of Close
Power In My Voice
Sparkle In My Eyes
Vigor In My Smile
Influence In My Breath
Throwing Away All The Pain
Crushing All The Tears
Shielding The Existence
Of You And Me My Pillar
Together We Are Tough
Together We Will Win It All
Together We Will Stay
Together We Will Call
Call The World To Success
Achievement And Celebrations
Sparkles And Festivity
Smiles And Facilitations
Smiles For All Around Us
Help For All We Can Help
And Those Who Are Deprived Of Our Help
We Will Stand For Them Again With All Our Strength
Strength Of Relationship
Strength Of You And Me
Strength Of Foundation
Strength Of Warmth And Peace Serene
Peace Is In The Core
Peace Is In It All
For Giving And ‘Forgiving’
That Is Where The Peace Is My Charm
Charm Of This Note
Is In The Meaning Of It All
Portraying The Magnificience Of Our Togetherness
We Are Rising Above It All…


Scars refreshing my future and accenting my present

27 Jan

My energy is silent, quietness in white it is. It is my polestar and devotedness, my core strength is absence of a voice. Blankness makes me strong, it makes me direct all my thoughts tight – internally strong and not fragile. Thinnest of silence is what I create and what I sustain. It takes all the chaos in the world put together to get hush and to sustain bearing the loss of chaos. Dead air filled in an empty glass bottle calls for bottles in me. It challenges for if I have any bottles to keep the bottle empty, clean, crystal shine. Filling the bottle with red liquor will add chaos making its marks little less visible but an empty bottle is what I sustain as the trial is not in hiding the marks but exposing them and sustaining them. I carry those scars as a charm just the way dangling of my bag chime in with rhythm of my walk. These scars accessorize me today matching my outfits and my shoes. They make me walk together with them as a companion of the times I saw and paths I trailed. Tongue-tied and quiet walks with my scars refreshing my future and accenting my present.


19 Jan

You like sugar in my voice
Like fragrance of my choice
Like air my fresh breath air
You my love my beau my bear
You like honey in the sun
Like cozy and so warm
You my rays my praise my pride
You my beau you are my eyes
You the inspiration to my words
The appreciation of my world
My red my black my white
You my love you hold me tight
Hold me right hold me close hold and smile
As I said earlier and always and always – pull me close closer closest and stay

Black the new color of hope-

17 Jan

Black the new color of hope it is. No color look as vivacious as it does unless it emerges from black. Astonishing how a color not so in existence of itself makes its presence felt right when you divert your view to the colors emerging from it. Strong it acts as a backdrop for them, bold and black. A platform so hearty that it stands never for itself but for the ones emerging from it. Black- my new color of light it is. Thinnest of ray looks zesty peeping out of its black windows. Tiniest of ray looks spirited and staunch. Making its existence count. Black- my definite color of base. All my most fragile thoughts get perceived so rugged with black as framework. All of them appear so distinct yet enduringly tied to each other through black threads. Black is my color of new sun – not bright but strong it is. It’s absorbs all foulness in it and emits just the sparkling colors of hope and life. Black as black it can be- thick in its most thin form. It appears and stays just like my thoughts. It’s not tender but gallant in its presence. Black- my color of smiles and warmth. It dissolves worst of energies and generates most absorbing warmth. Black my color of hide and seek. It will show only what you want it to expose. It will remain true to you, transparent only to you – dauntless faithful black it is.

Black sky curtains

16 Jan

Tonight I sleep with the curtains open, my face exposed to the bright light of the stars, shining with pearl rays of moon. My white sheer curtains with pine trees rest in the corner of the pelmet tonight. Open black sky resembling to a black hole seems meaningful and roof of fresh air to me. I have been locked inside this room of mine, my den, my shell. The shell is not the walls of this room but the boundaries of my mind. My shell cracked and I see myself rebuilding it now under the black curtains of sky. My relations have been those of insecurity. My expressions made me twirl and eventually break the delicate wires of connects. Their pointed breaking ends gave me pinches and razor cuts high enough that I became skilled at being delicate with the wires and twirling myself instead. Tonight I expose my twirl self to the almighty raised in black sky. Stars make my razor cut marks to shine, exposing shortcomings of my face’s features. Tonight, I do not look as glamorous as my marks expose to the nature. I remain in my shell for tonight and days to come?

A dream forgiven forgotten

9 Jan

A dream forgiven forgotten it was
A dream of highs of shimmer it was
A dream of you the king me the queen it was
A dream it was a dream

A dream of passion no lust it was
A dream of love and touch it was
A dream of child in me it was
A dream so charming a dream

A dream of wish of sleep it was
A dream of angel of heart it was
A dream of a father for a daughter it was
Dream defined as a dream

A dream of flute of drums it was
A dream dancing on the crumbs it was
A dream a cloudy dream it was
A dream forgiven forgotten dream

A dream of innocence of chain it was
A dream chaining smiles together it was
A dream of colors of fame it was
A dream protected such a dream

A dream of niche of claim it was
A dream belonging to the clan it was
A dream made up of gentle threads it was
A dream not realized as a dream

A dream fragile as a strand it was
A dream of crush of plush it was
A dream posed as reality it was
A dream never meant to be a dream

A dream as dreamy as stars it was
A dream of ruling Galaxy it was
A dream of horizon of frolic it was
A dream of sun and moon – the dream

A dream of pride of honor it was
A dream of exclusion of struggle it was
A dream as smooth as water it was
Water slipped itself on my dream

A dream of feather of flutter it was
A dream of weather so subtle it was
A dream above the language it was
A dream to be picturesque not explained

A dream with no colors translucent it was
A dream of voice yet silence it was
A dream of imaginative desires it was
A dream walked on path so sheen

A dream forgiven forgotten it was
A dream crushed sent to heaven it was
A dream risen from the Phoenix it was
A dream you gave life to my angel

Dream dedicated to your smile it is
Dream commencing for a while it is
Dream of breathing the chimes it is
Dream of you and me

Parakeet’s Puffin

9 Jan

Tiny puffin had weight of her beak, feathers, hale of wind, chaste of food, shielding of little bird house all held on her strikingly gentle feeble toes. The darkness of moon frightened it and bright sun rays made it pale. Dust got friends with wind and swirled petite puffin. It scrawled, cried, fluttered its wings, looked at the world again with its scanty eyes. Baby eyes that puffin struggled to absorb both views of the world and its tears in the them. Puffin arrested itself in gray world’s dry air, it promised itself to be strong at heart. Teeny puffin uncovered itself to curbed, restrained zone of the world around its nest. That- for puffin was the world, universe, stars, moon, earth, fire, sky- that for puffin was life. Stunted puffin rippling one day was noticed bathing in its tears. A parakeet , angelic, colorful, bright, strong, happy and fascinating gazed the floating puffin. It wondered the sea that puffin made for itself was not even a shallow pond for parakeet. It soothed the puffin with gentle wriggle of its wings, caressed its beak with its own, made puffin warm with its gentle feather touch, absorbed its tears in his eyes, made puffin stand on his toes, mixed its bright orange, blue, red, pink shades with virgin white color of the puffin, lilting puffin to the WORLD, re-wrote its definition of universe and sung it a heart song. Puffin huffed and puffed its tiny heart, it could not close the eyes – only to realize it was all for real. Little puffin stopped wobbling because this time around it flew with love, it swirled with warmth of sun, it sung songs of heart to the moon and shined bright in the darkness. Puffin got colors, glossy shimmer, beautiful, warm and gentle. Puffin was made to fly in love and leave the flutter behind. Puffin – still tiny at heart but vast in vision of Universe. Parakeet’s puffin it was!