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scale of annihilation

27 Dec

Our species are rare that is what I always knew but there is further rarity within our species? That saddens me. People like us are standing at the scale of annihilation there too at extreme numbers, lowest of low. We stand tall with all understanding of art,culture, emotions, respect, relations, words but our heights of being tall are different. We can’t level our eye glaze because cloud of our thoughts come in different blues…It makes me dubious that do we have the strength to respect each other’s differences entire life and get along because what we really want from each other is the beauty of our souls or is it that we too will start breathing like the more common species of larger mass- getting into the arguments, fights and remorse. In all it saddens me- to be or not to be?


Nature has it all evenly matched-

25 Dec

While walking towards home today, I noticed footprint in dust. Footprint of a bare foot which seemed to be of a child by virtue of its size and tiny finger engraves. Right adjacent to bare foot imprint was embossed a print of a dog, followed by print of what looked like to be a stiletto. Stiletto sitting pretty, close to print of a Man’s leather shoe. Wrapping the print of stiletto in its huge print, protecting from all other prints. While observing those, a birdie sat in mid of the prints, quickly flying off – running away from gaze of my shadow falling on the prints, birdie and soil. There then came a trail of ants – passing through the globe of prints running towards their homes. Some more prints of birdie and ants added now to the small engravings of several prints. In simple colors of brown, dark brown and grey – these prints form their own Globe. They bring the world of all breeds together. They dispose the differences of species, race, gender, youth, aged, animals, insects, souls, kinds, shapes…For nature it’s all the same- it will reflect back the image one forces down upon it. For it the platform to be attended to is same. For nature there is no several range of channels defined for any differences- it’s all about a living being and the breath associated. For nature – you and I are I and you. Nature knows it best to be faithful to the soul and beatings of heart. Nature has it all evenly matched.

GOLD sprinkled in the sky

17 Dec

GOLD sprinkled in the sky, just like several dreams of eyes- eyes trying to stay shut for little more sleep, little more rest, little more peace. With turn from one side of the bed to the other- shelled in warmth of vast blue blanket- royal blue in color. Limitless blanket of peace – one most sought for in white fog of hazy winters. Fog and blanket contrasting each other just like tears and smiles of life. A smile causing the tear to trickle and a shower of tears bursting into a smile. So distinct getting along so well. Tricks of haze to cause tragedies falsified by pour of sun rays through strainer of true love. Gold pouring in – blessing the half sleepy eyes and forehead, running soft fingers through delicate hair strands- encouraging for deserve of little more sleep,little more time for imagination of little more dreams, little more thoughts to build tomorrow- naked smiles of innocent weave of sharp castles spread across boundary less arenas of life. Let me sleep little more, few more moments with the castles as they become my tomorrow…

alone left with an ‘I’

11 Dec

Guilty of refining myself. Of being crude with my soul to keep looking for corners requiring smoothening. Treatment of my soul for fine scents and silent – little more silent steps. Guilty of being harsh with my thoughts, unbearable to my tears and refused to hear to my cries. I have done unjust to my emotions, been crude to my heart. I have wronged myself in all this right! Mu screams screamed so loud that they went mute at the end of it all. Thought Wind ran so fast that it lost its notice. Amongst these vibrant colors, I stand with opaque water in my eyes. Counting the uncountable breath, deep yet shallow in its meaning. Reflection of my world falls on the sky, against the gravity- high it flies and merge with boundary less limits of blue world- the blue sky. My weakness is my biggest strength, my silence is my loudest voice, my tears are the most dried emotions, my warmth is coldest experience for me and my vision is most blindly bound. I- stand alone post this refinement. Much smooth, shining, bright, soft BUT alone left with an ‘I’.