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Love Thyself

31 Aug

Being with thoughts of just myself not only makes it silent but much less chaotic as well for me. It makes me foresee myself on each move I make and each thought I mother. It makes me contemplate that that the actions I make, the decisions I want to reach to, the amendments I seek in myself, the speeches that I make, the criticism that I carry, the fight back I intend to do, the colors I want to add, the plans I make, the places I want to visit, the dreams I wake up with and well the list is myriad just like breaths I take each day – all of it is for myself and for rising on the mount I have put for my climb. It’s a race of me against me. It’s amazing how I want to pick up ideas around the world and apply those to myself leaving everyone around in astounded. In those wide opened amazed eyes and perplexed expressions, I tend to lose myself. That proves I am a human because it is very human aspect. I get swayed away by the appreciation I receive, I climb to the platform of flipping my thoughts, speeches, dreams, acts, plans, paths in an attempt to seek acknowledgement, flood of appreciation, acceptance and approval of the onlookers. This, exactly this is the crossing which I have visited several times until now. It has lead me stranded in middle of the road earlier and yet again. Then a passer by blow my nose with thumping punch and I get hurt. I bleed and with my flowing thick blood platelets of approval, appreciation, acknowledgement and acceptance move down the drain. Heavy rains wash my face, I feel fresh, winds blow across my hair strands and curls of my hair kiss my neck. I have never felt love more pure than this. Love of myself, for myself, pulping out from me, enriching the core of my heart, like morning wind chimes singing the choir. This love is sustainable, faithful, positive, shining, virgin and gentle on my soul. It questions me for my wrong doings and smiles at me for my passionate efforts. This love is always rational and with directions in its path. It never generates feeling of vulnerability or demands. It’s for me, just for me, possessed by me. I take pride in this love, pride in loving thyself.


A ‘We’ state without an ‘I’?

30 Aug

Each time I go loving myself, I see the world giving me all the attention. On the contrary, each time I devote myself to a human or a humanly crafted relationship, they puke back all the dose of attention they got from me back on my face and some stuffed inside my mouth, forced down the throat and made to be digested. It’s a confusing state I am put into every now and then. I go dedicating myself, keeping them first, pushing all the priorities aside and they go kicking me back, yell and screams, fights and threats. Time of simplicity and rational thinking has diluted away. We like complicated situations and if one does not exist we put in all the energy to create a fresh one out of the oven and then complaint about oven being too hot to handle as well. The trend is that pure blue sky of nature won’t make connect, what does is the artificially created fireworks with the same nature’s created blue sky offering just as a background. We live in an artificial world where we adore artificially created magic or deceived images. We adore the wonders we make by ourselves, we ignite the perceptions we build and treat them as discoveries. We no more believe in gratitude but followers. We do not believe in believing in ourselves but seeking approvals. We do not look for love within us but from the ones around. Our world becomes them, our thoughts originate for them by them of them. We have lost the context of ‘I’ creating the ‘We’ because all we perceive it to be is ‘We’ is them and stays far away from ‘I’. Well that makes ‘We’ a ‘You’ as that is what it is without an ‘I’. I want to be in continuous process of being an ‘I’ than an attempt to be ‘We’ because that has somehow generated lot of unexpected respectful and enjoyable ‘We’ so far as compared to a focussed attempted ‘We’ which has just given it back to me in the face.

Romance between technology and nature –

27 Aug

It’s one of those perfect couples which cannot stop arguing with each other yet cannot be without each other.
They complete each other, compliment each other. One so delicate in appearance yet ferocious in its core, other so logical in the core and robust on the skin.
A temperamental, fast, furious, fiery self of technology and advancement well compliments the silent, soothing, slow and ancient self of nature.
Racy, supersonic, ticking gestures of one are balanced by steady, calm and patient gestures of the other.
They attempt to conquer each other in search of peace of inner self and self proclamation of their personalities to the onlookers. They entertain, submerge, attract, call for attention towards themselves, competing like wilds of jungles.
My truth is that existence of just one and vanishing act of the other will draw focus beyond the limits on just one and only one. Consequence? Onlookers will be bored, lose interest and withdraw from the show. Excitement of their existence is not in what they possess as their selfs but what they can and do offer as a couple. For onlookers, it is not their individual characteristic but their chemistry together that draws the attention, that keeps the act on. This keeps the excitement unscathed, fuming out in bits and pieces – little part always covered in a veil for that which is yet to be explored, invented and sought for. That is the romance of technology with nature and that is what all enshrine.

The You and The Me-

25 Aug

The teachings that I get
The hand that is held
The forehead that was kissed
The eyes that were tracked
The heart that was pumped
The affection that was showered
The warmth that was felt
The hug that was sent
The closeness that was shared
The exchange that were made
The glances that smiled
The smile that was fragrance
The music that was shared
The thoughts that were seeded
The touch that was felt
The love that it smelled
The pain that was beaten
The ears that we had
For what you wanted to listen
For what I wanted to say
For what we wanted to connect
The walks we took together
The support you extended while I tripped
The coach you were so silent and patient
The teacher you were to help me get over err
The strength you gave mental and emotional
The responses I got so subtle and white
The dreams and sleepless nights
The anxiety and excitement covered them bright
The look forward of next talk
The wait for just few more minutes of talk
The contention of sitting silently with you
The feeling of just having you around
The heart connect of you knowing me from miles
The heart burn that you heard
The touch on my fingers and palm is as fresh
As fresh as petals of blossoming spring flower
As pure as new born’s first cry
The writings that you inspired me for
The encouragement I got in it all
The security that your hug had
The affinity that your hold gave
The heights of love and affection
The wait for day to dawn
Your words of this being everything and this being nothing
Your place in my life and soul
The platform I share with you
Is cherished now and will be for long

Feel so free with passion

24 Aug

How glorious it is when you can be involved with pure passion to experience the virgin feelings. How enticing it is when you can talk, you can press out your emotions free. It’s like the freedom of that lamp which was lit with a thought that it won’t survive the enormous strength and cuddle of seasons but it has so far. The freedom that this lamp attained was so sought for that happiness of its achievement now makes it glow stable and brilliant. It’s flame is small but shines slowly in the darkness. That is the secret of this lamp with limited source to sustain but still shining like a pearl slow and steady.
This elated small lamp passes a subtle smile to the ferocious fiercely fiery lamps around which laugh at the stature of tiny flame. A smile for ferocious laughter. This smile is silent, soothing and sustainable. It won’t exhaust all the energy but will make smart investment of that stored power an aura to smile for long than laugh at once.
It’s such a charming experience to be free, in your mind, in feel of your soul, in experience of touch of a feather, white feather, soft feather, a feather with touch of pink. Feelings are as delicate as this feather. Gentle, pure and sensitive. Above all they are niche and innocent. They get swayed away with gentle blow of kiss and shattered with fiery blow of tornado winds. They flow endless, without boundaries, free and know no limits. Hold them in your heart and make it vast.

Rain Rain Rain it is…

24 Aug

Rain Rain Rain it is…
What a Rain
What an enchanting Rain it is
Rain especially when you can run in it
Rain when you walk and talk with it
What a Rain when water drench you in pure love of nature
Rain of thoughts, of smiles, Rain of the creator
Rain it is, drooping dripping down my hair strands
Rain drops like pearls, making me look pretty with band of diamonds on my temple
Rain sliding down my arms, getting me closest to the nature’s charms
Rain Rain oh Rain, I got submerged in your essence
Rain my Rain you are so pure
You allure, make me sure, you are nothing but nature’s soul
Rain, come play with me like an innocent child with a smile
Give me a smile, take back a smile
Smile like white pure feather, smile like you are the life
Rain you get me passion, you get me silence, you get me freshness
Rain I loved you, love you and will love you always…and always like always…

Butterfly must return to the flowers?

22 Aug

The butterfly is slow and unmovable for some days. It’s favorite window is in process of removal. It has been asked to shift places and get back to the flowers. They say window is not where butterflies belong to. They should be out there amongst the flowers. They just envy the butterfly and love of its protector for the butterfly. They appear as green eyed monster to notice how calmly the butterfly could sit inside that window with no complaints but all peace in life. They resent the attention that butterfly could fetch with its colors while sitting amidst the sheer blank glass of the window pane. They want the butterfly to return back to the flowers and the garden so it gets lost and merged amongst several colors of the garden. It won’t stand out and won’t shine bright. It won’t hook the attention of several onlookers and hence it won’t need a protector to watch its boundaries.
Then, if the butterfly dissolves amongst those several colors and gets down to ashes, it won’t be noticeable because there will be just so many colors around to vanish this butterfly.
It’s flipping it’s wings harder to pursue sitting pretty in the window pane, feel the moments it felt on the pane surrounded by its protector, feel the fumes of fresh pumping blood and hear beat of thumping heart of its protector. Butterfly is neither sad nor disappointed but it’s surprised at the elements of life. They swing like a light pendulum of crystal which picks a supersonic pace if wind of emotions blows strong and slows down – at times becoming completely stationary when stare of onlookers becomes staunched and rugged for it to swing. A pendulum which swings on external power gaining all heed for its movement and at times missing movements yet not able to dominate its frequency of swings. Pendulum pretty like the butterfly, shining pendulum of crystal – plush and exorbitant but in no charge of its own.